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I am an experienced Therapeutic Practitioner and Relational Supervisor, and the way I work is based on Relational Transactional Analysis.

I provide a safe, supportive and confidential space in which to explore any issues that may be concerning you-to understand and bring about changes.


I see you as a whole person, and acknowledge you as an individual, I don't just see the 'problems and issues' that may, over time, have become a part of your identity. 

Together we can work towards rediscovering your authentic self.

Are you ready for change?

Taking the first step and deciding to work with a therapist in a therapeutic relationship is a big step and you may be feeling apprehensive and nervous.

You may have expectations about what therapy is.

Each therapeutic relationship is unique..."the therapeutic relationship gives you (the client) an opportunity to experience authentic responses from someone (me, the therapist) who is interested in you, and yet not involved on a day to day basis' like a friend or relation might be". 

I wonder if you have had an interaction in which you and the other person ends up feeling bad and you find yourself with feelings of  hurt, anger, sadness and confusion, leaving you asking the question 'how does this keep happening'?
It can be painful and isolating and could leave you feeling surprised, and yet with the realisation that the same sort of thing has happened to you before.
You may be finding life difficult and struggling to 'be' in the world.

Perhaps you find relationships almost impossible


How do I work?

I offer short term or long term face to face, phone and online therapy.

Transactional Analysis is a humanistic approach and focuses on the here and now concept.

My approach is open, empathic and mutual "I'm OK your OK" I work in a non-judgemental way

And together we will take joint responsibility for achieving whatever change you decide to make.

My aim is to support you to work with these processes to allow changes that occur naturally.


Therapy and Supervision sessions are £60 payable at the time of the session.
A sliding scale is available in case of financial difficulty.

I require 24 hours notice of cancellation; if an appointment is cancelled within this period a charge will be made. This does not apply in exceptional circumstances







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